Going the extra mile is standard practice.

With Bartee Real Estate, production values and presentation mean everything. Most pre-owned, furnished listings are revamped with strategically placed decor and minor home improvements to get you top dollar for your property.

Our Services

  • Professional Staging: painting selections, de-cluttering, furniture placement, and more (offered as needed).

  • Professional Photography: options depending on price point (arial and dusk photos available).

  • Professional Videography: options depending on price point.

  • Professional Brochures: to be displayed in the home.

  • Online and Offline Marketing: social media, email blasts, open house announcements, and more.

  • Wooden Post “For Sale” Sign: installed professionally to stand out in the neighborhood.

  • Convenient Showing Service: for a fast and easy appointment booking experience.

  • Supra Lockbox: used for top security measures to maintain safety in your home at all times.

  • Docusign: secure electronic signature system, for fast, convenient execution of all paperwork.

  • 24/7 Support: from our dedicated team and RE/MAX™ Fine Properties staff.

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Elizabeth Bartee
Elizabeth Bartee
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